I am an English miniature basket maker who has been living and working in France for 15 years. I am married with two children and live near Grenoble in the foothills of the French Alps where my husband has inherited a small farmhouse.

I have been making miniatures since I was a child and still have my first dolls house. I have always been interested in real baskets and my imagination to make miniature ones was fired by the many varied examples that can be found in country markets.

Gradually I have learned to realise a wider and wider range of basket types. Many of my successes have come from challenges of friends and commissions by customers.

I love the fact that each piece is made by hand. This is because no two baskets are truly identical and that there will never be more than a very few examples of each. I am delighted that my work has been well received by collectors in many countries and honoured that it can be found in Museums in the US, Japan and the UK.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and thanks for visiting my website.